The HKL-2000 program package is based on the extended versions of Denzo, XdisplayF, and Scalepack. It consists of several subprograms coordinated by the graphical command center. The most important elements are: simulation, 3-D processing, mosaicity refinement during processing, variable spot size, easy change of the space group, report generation, etc.

The software is driven by a graphical user interface, which greatly improves the convenience of working with various data sets.

The package is distributed in form of the compiled executables. Supported operating systems are listed on the Hardware & OS page.

Key Benefits

  •     Due to the 3-D processing, HKL-2000 can superbly handle data from crystals with very high mosaicity
  •     It allows to process data collected with any spindle axis orientation and to refine the direction of the spindle axis
  •     Absorption correction dramatically improves the anomalous signal
  •     After processing and post-refinement, the user can generate a unified report with all the statistics and graphs necessary for publication

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